Ease is a versatile theme suitable for documentation. Publish your posts or business information with ease. In addition to being fully responsive and styled, it comes with a few optional bells and whistles that are explained below.

The search function is disabled by default. To enable search, you will need to generate a content API key and add it to your theme’s settings by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and click Add custom integration.
  2. Copy the content API key.
  3. Insert the generated key in Settings > Design > Site-wide > Content API key for search field.

Post carousel

When you have featured posts, the posts will automatically be displayed in carousel on the homepage. To feature a post, navigate to the post setting, and check "Feature this post". Read more about featured posts here.

If there's a post with the same tag as the current post, it will be displayed as a related post on bottom of the content. Read more about tags here.